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Paul Foster



OnePlan is the world’s first centralised event site planning platform. It allows anyone to map, draw, plan and procure every aspect of their event site and operations.

The platform saves event planners time and money, generating consistent professional plans, reducing stress and, crucially, improving safety and security. OnePlan facilitates easy calculation of crowd density and evacuation rates, by using intuitive space planning and measurement tools. These numbers can then be agreed upon and enforced.

A multi-user functionality lets event organisers share plans with security personnel and law enforcement at the click of the button, ensuring key safety and security stakeholders have full visibility of the event as plans develop.

This gives plenty of opportunity for identifying and minimising risks and threats as they emerge. Accurate real time information about the event allows safety and security teams to plan and deliver their operations in the most effective way.

Interpol have recognised the value of a centralised event planning system and are now using OnePlan to support immersive training for major global sporting events. With other law enforcement organisations showing a keen interest in the platform and global events adopting the system, OnePlan is raising the bar for event safety and security.


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