Ian Kerr

Raven Controls and ID Resilience

Ian Kerr

Raven Controls and ID Resilience
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Security consultancy ID Resilience and management system Raven Controls are the creations of former policeman Ian Kerr. Kerr’s experience in security stems primarily through his ten-year career with Police Scotland, where he worked in emergencies and counter terrorism planning, designing and delivering contingency exercises for major events, political conferences and tier one counter terrorist activities.

Having found a passion in resilience, Kerr set up resilience consultancy business ID Resilience in 2015. Specialising in testing and exercising and crisis management consultation, Kerr and his team have gone on to work with a large number of arenas, stadia, venues and major events across the UK and internationally.

Through the work of ID Resilience, weaknesses in current market solutions for recording and managing issues became evident, with most venues using traditional processes such as office-based systems or often – and albeit outdated – hand-written logs. These methods are time consuming, prone to human error and do not facilitate clear communication, which is essential when it comes to safety and security.

Raven Controls is an integrated real-time issue management system that provides unparalleled levels of situational awareness, ensuring the right information to the right people at the right time. Kerr and his team continue to work closely with industry leaders to provide event venues and organisers with the protection and accountability they deserve. Raven has been used at the Ryder Cup 2018,  European Championships 2018, the Scottish Event Campus and Celtic FC, among others.

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