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Netherlands-based Safesight is a software application that ensures that employees, suppliers, partners, volunteers and other parties know and execute their responsibilities, checklists, safety plans and protocols.

For when incidents do occur, Safesight helps an organisation to take predictable, efficient and safe actions to control the situation.

Safesight software originated from the work that the company’s owner, Edo Haan, enacted as safety officer at music festivals. As well as being used at events such as Mysteryland, Pukkelpop and Zwarte Cross, the software is also implemented at stadiums and convention centres, including Rotterdam’s De Kuip, Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Borussia-Park and RAI Amsterdam.

Using Safesight software, event organisers are able to optimally inform and instruct all those involved in an event. For example, they can assign tasks or disseminate information in accordance with safety protocols to specific employees at any given moment. This could be to the security team, technical production staff, stage management or even the cleaning department.

Via a centralised dashboard, management has an accurate overview of the people that have – or have not – completed their tasks. If an individual or a whole team lags behind, this is visible in realtime and management can take action accordingly.

Finally, using a cloud-based logbook – available via a browser or through the mobile app – all information is collected and, if necessary, quickly shared with the event stakeholders. This helps those in charge to have a complete overview of what is happening in and around the event. The logbook also acts as an important tool for collecting a valuable database for management.


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