Andrew Tatrai

PHD Candidate, University of Technology Sydney

Andrew Tatrai

PHD Candidate, University of Technology Sydney


Andrew Tatrai is a crowd management professional with a 35 year history in major event management and crowd security. Moving beyond risk management Andrew is developing thought leadership to raise crowd management to contemporary expectations of safety and comfort.

Contracted to significant events such as Vivid Sydney, Andrew has pioneered new methods to collect and analyse quantitative crowd data using convolutional neural networking image analysis.

This session will overview his current University of Technology of Sydney PhD studies in crowd analytics and provide management insights on the future direction of technology applications to mass gathering management.

This presentation will include the current project of measuring the effect of crowd density and flow on crowd mood and how machine learning and pattern recognition technics can predict crowd anxiety before fear starts to develop. This work answers the question, “When do pedestrians become a crowd and when do crowds need crowd management”.

Test results and venue feedback for the Sydney Royal Easter Show (The largest Australian agricultural fair with approximately 900,000 people over 12 days) will be reviewed and discussed.

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Machine Led Crowd Management

14:45 – 15:15
Congress Suite