Latest Sessions Announced


Latest Sessions Announced

Adding to a packed schedule that includes cyber security, human behaviour research, safeguarding vulnerable audiences, a CT tabletop exercise and various viewpoints and keynotes, here are two more sessions for E3S 2019…

The Safe Project: Education in Practice

Chair: Victoria Matthews, European Arena Association

A wide-ranging network of companies, associations and venues from within the European live music sector are currently collaborating on an Erasmus+ funded project to improve safety and security training on the continent. The SAFE Project is a dual level training programme for aspiring managers and production/safety professionals. Through the programme participants learn to plan, prepare and respond to identified risks through scenario-based learning, knowledge input and case study research. Principals involved in the new course outline the developing programme. More info here.

Machine Led Crowd Management

Presenter: Andrew Tatrai, Aces Group (Australia)

Until now, crowd management has been decided by seasoned professionals making subjective judgements. But using 35 years of experience, Andrew Tatrai is using technology to replicate the human decision making process. Combining feature recognition, machine learning, data science modelling and visualisation it is now possible to measure the changing mood of a crowd and measure crowd density, velocity and mood. Tatrai presents both the concept and net result: a software program that provides better crowd metric measurements for control rooms and police assessments. More info here.