Terms & Conditions

Definitions in these terms and conditions

“Company” – means International Live Music Conference Limited, registered in England and Wales with company number 3007667, trading as the Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S)
‘E3S’ – means the conference organised by ILMC to take place in October 2017.
‘Delegate’ – means a person applying to Company to attend E3S.
‘Registration’ – means the process by which a Delegate is registered.
‘Registration fee’ – means the sum of money paid by the Delegate to reserve a place at E3S.

The following is a non-exhaustive statement of the Company’s terms and conditions in respect of any application for Registration for E3S; by either registering for or attending E3S (whether or not correct in all respects) every Delegate irrevocably accepts these and all other such terms and conditions of Company.

1. Registration

1.1. The Company reserves the right to refuse any application for Registration at any time.

1.2. A place has not been registered for a Delegate until an official confirmation email has been received by the Delegate from the Company, confirming that that Delegate is registered.

1.3. Organisation of travel, accommodation or associated arrangements for a Delegate should not be made or paid for until official confirmation of Registration has been received by the Delegate from the Company.

1.4. No final reservations can be made on behalf of a Delegate for E3S until the Company has received in full in cleared funds all of the relevant payment to cover the full cost of the Registration fee and/or events.

1.5. Entries in the E3S conference guide will contain the company name as inputted by the individual registering each delegate. Company is not responsible for any errors that may occur in displaying the delegate’s contact information in the guide.

1.6. All Delegates registering for E3S will have their full name, company name and contact details published both on the E3S website and in the conference guide UNLESS Delegates inform us in writing in advance of the event.

1.7. Visas are the responsibility of the attending delegates and letters of invitation are not issued by ILMC.

1.8. To comply with regulations, all electronic credit card transactions are securely processed by Eventbrite.

Eventbrite Ltd
10-11 Charterhouse Square

Support Centre website is here.

1.9. Tickets or entry passes are not issued until Delegates arrive at E3S. Confirmation of a formal place will be in the form of an email from Eventbrite, sent electronically.

1.10. The Company will make no refunds if cancellations are received AFTER 1 October 2017. Any cancellations of delegate places prior to that date will receive a refund of the total paid minus £50 (including VAT) cancellation fee to cover administration costs. Cancellations of events will be refunded less 12.5%.

1.11. All transactions are carried out in pounds sterling.

1.12. All monies received are deemed to include UK VAT at the applicable rate (presently a rate of 20%).

1.13. Delegate passes for E3S are non-transferable. Delegates shall not permit, bring or send any guest, family member or other third party (whether or not accompanied by the Delegate) to areas used exclusively by E3S, or to any other premises that are used exclusively by Company during and in connection with E3S, nor seek to provide access to such areas or premises except for any such persons who are also registered Delegates.

2. Advertising

2.1 All advertisements in the conference guide are subject to review and approval.

2.3 E3S does not assume any responsibility for any material contained on advertisements

2.4 E3S reserves the right to cancel or decline advertising or discontinue posting any advertisement if technical issues, or fraudulent and misrepresentative content are discovered.

2.5 Advertisers are responsible for all advertising content. Advertiser agrees to hold E3S harmless against any third party claim as a result of an advertiser’s content.

2.6 Advertiser agrees to indemnify E3S for any or all of damages owed to any third party and for the fees and costs arising from any dispute.

3. Cancellation and Refunds

3.1. If an application from a Delegate to cancel his/her registration is received by the Company before 6pm 1 October 2017, a refund will be given, minus a £50 processing fee. Cancellations of events will be refunded less 12.5%.

3.2. No refunds will be given after 6pm GMT 1 October 2017.

3.3. Cancelled registrations cannot be transferred to a future conference.

3.4. Applications for refunds must be RECEIVED in writing within the published deadline for cancellation stated above.

3.5. In the unlikely event that E3S has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of ILMC, we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the Delegate.

4. Delegate Passes

4.1. Delegate passes and wristband must be worn for E3S at all times whilst in the Intercontinental Hotel London – The O2.

4.2. Admission to E3S will be refused to anyone unable to provide an official Delegate pass and wristband.

4.3. Lost or misplaced Delegate passes or wristbands will only be replaced at the absolute discretion of the Company, potentially at the full cost of registration.

4.4 Delegates collecting their pass and wristband must bring a suitable form of identification to receive them.

5. Personal Effects

5.1. The Company and the Hotel cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of Delegate’s personal effects. The Company recommends that each Delegate arrange appropriate personal insurance cover. Due care and attention are advised at all times.

6. Liability

6.1. The Company’s insurance of E3S covers public liability claims where the Company is held to be liable.

7. Health and Safety

7.1. All Delegates must familiarise themselves with the fire regulations in operation and the location of nearest fire exits whilst in the Hotel. Copies of fire safety documentation are provided in guest rooms, suites and throughout the Hotel.

8. Conduct

8.1. Delegates and their guests must conduct themselves at E3S in a responsible manner with due consideration to their fellow delegates, ILMC and Hotel staff.

8.2. The views, information, or opinions expressed by any attendee of E3S are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of E3S, ILMC or its employees.

9. Filming and recording

9.1. Filming or recording by Delegates of any sessions, panels or entertainment organised by or connected with E3S is strictly forbidden. Delegates must not make or arrange to be made any film or recording in sound or sound and vision at E3S and will deliver up to Company or its representatives immediately upon request by any of them all such films or recordings and any copies thereof which may be in a Delegate’s ownership possession or control. Delegates will not introduce to any session, panel or other event organised for E3S any copyright material which is the property of any third party except by prior written agreement of an authorised representative of Company.

9.2. By attending E3S, very Delegate irrevocably grants to Company and its authorised representatives permission to make, use and exploit as Company sees fit and free of any payment any photograph, sound or video recording or film, including quotations or extracts from any such material and agrees that Company shall be the first owner of any intellectual property therein.

9.3. The unauthorised use of photographic, sound or film equipment in the venue is strictly prohibited. If you wish to use this equipment, please contact Company prior to the start of the event. The copyright is assigned to ILMC for any recordings of events produced by ILMC. Unauthorised recording may result in content being destroyed, and your removal from E3S without a refund.