Duncan Cullen

Development Manager, TSG

Duncan Cullen

Development Manager, TSG


Duncan Cullen, Business Development Manager at TSG, came to the agency after serving over 28 years with Leicestershire Police.

Duncan was the force Operations Superintendent with lead responsibility for firearms, public order, specialist search and the policing of East Midlands Airport, and chaired the force civil contingency strategic threat assessment meetings.

Duncan Cullen was Leicestershire’s Police lead Counter Terrorist Security Co-ordinator who sat on the national Counter Terrorism Security Co-ordinators board, representing the East Midlands Policing Region. He was a key influence on counter terrorism security planning, training and development nationally and brings extensive experience in this area.

Cullen’s commitment to influencing and shaping the future of the private sector security industry and his expertise ,is a fast fit with TSG, a modern public safety/crime prevention resource in keen step with police protocols and procedure.

Launched in 2015, TSG’s management and training team is made up of former senior police officers and its operatives, a 50/50 configuration of skilled law enforcement and security personnel, are equipped to respond to crime, anti/social behaviour, disorder and corporate threat.

Working alongside traditional security teams, TSG provides a sought-after surety for organisers and audiences.

TSG brings increased resilience and capacity to safety plans, a new level of reassurance, responding to issues traditionally the preserve of the police. Organisations who pay for Police SPS, TSG assist organisers to review, and where appropriate reduce, policing costs without a shortfall in skill or experience.

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