Presentation: Crowd Dynamics at Venues, Events & Festivals

By Simon Ancliffe, Founder & Chairman, Movement Strategies
10 Oct 2017
14:45 – 15:00
Cutty Sark

Presentation: Crowd Dynamics at Venues, Events & Festivals

Movement Strategies Simon Ancliffe spoke on the risks to safety arising specifically from the presence of high-density crowds, including vehicles, slips and trips and crowd collapses/crushes, and how they can be minimised.

He explained that it’s movement that creates the risk: The density of people using the London underground, for example, can be up to six per square metre – but high density by itself isn’t sufficient for an accident. “The movement of crowds creates crowd-specific risks,” he said.

“The most deaths at events are from compressive asphyxia, which is what happens when you design a crowd flow system that isn’t balanced. “It’s a reasonable response to move in a disorderly fashion when you think might die – but we can design our way out of that.”


A selection of photos from 10 October 2017 are available to view here.