Presentation: Drones, the threat from above

10 Oct 2017
16:30 – 16:45
Cutty Sark

Presentation: Drones, the threat from above

The final presentation of E3S came courtesy of Martin Lanni, the CEO of anti-drone specialist Quantum Aviation.

He warned that number of drones worldwide is “increasing exponentially”, meaning venues have to “get out of a 2D mindset and into 3D, moving beyond the perimeter fence: the threat is coming from above now”. All risk assessments should now consider the possibility of a drone attack, he added.

“The threat is real and it’s increasing,” he concluded. The solution? Engage with experts, the police, your local aviation authority and your country’s communications regulator: “don’t underestimate the power of education”.


A selection of photos from 10 October 2017 are available to view here.