Presentation: Behavioural Detection and Security Awareness

By Andy Palmer, Border Security Lead, Gatwick Airport
10 Oct 2017
10:15 - 10:30
Cutty Sark

Presentation: Behavioural Detection and Security Awareness

Andy Palmer, who leads London Gatwick’s border security team, gave the first presentation of E3S, speaking on the airport’s person assessment screening system (PASS) and how it can be applied to live events.

PASS, he explained, is basically “people watching”, with his team of civilian behaviour detection officers (BDOs) looking for deviation from normal, or “baseline”, behaviour. Some deviation from the baseline is normal, he said – but if it a passenger demonstrates “frequent, excessive” abnormal behaviour, his BDOs will engage the person in question with a “resolution conversation” aimed at ascertaining the reason their acting oddly.

“If an individual does have hostile intent, they might think [now they’re on the BDOs’ radar], ‘Actually, I don’t really fancy doing this.’”

Palmer concluded by saying hundreds of people have been arrested as a result of behavioural detection at Gatwick. He said: “Have we stopped something going bang at airport? We don’t know. Have we stopped hostile reconnaissance? Yes, we have.

“We never find out if our BDOs have stopped an attack, and that’s fine – but to have that security culture, that’s enough.”