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Showsec are returning as E3S’s Presenting Partner for the third year running. Showsec have supported E3S since the first edition, and to say that the event wouldn’t happen without them is not an understatement.

Showsec is an award-winning event and venue security specialist dedicated to achieving excellence in crowd management. Based on core commitments to safety and customer service for more than 30 years, the Showsec team has serviced thousands of events at over 450 venues, managing the safety of over 25 million people at venues, sports, concerts, festivals and public events each year.

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Ravencontrols.io, the digital issue management system leading the industry, minimising risk and maximising performance. Raven continues to expand and continues to deliver mega events, including the Ryder Cup, European Championships, Pride in London, Solheim Cup 2019 and UCI Road world Cycling championships Yorkshire 2019.

Working with blue-chip clients, the Raven team identified weaknesses in current market solutions. Many operations still use traditional processes such as office-based systems or – often and albeit outdated – hand written logs. These processes are slow, often cumbersome and can give a confused picture. In an environment of increasing threat, your organisation is vulnerable and exposed to risk. This is where Raven step in and take event control to a higher level.

The Raven team have a passion for resilience and with integrated emergency management principles at its heart, Ravens real time incident management software provides unparalleled levels of situational awareness, communication, notification and reporting, Saving Lives, Saving Time, Saving Money.

Our team is not only equipped with emergency services and resilience experts, but also highly skilled software developers, all of whose expertise is captured in the core of Raven’s technology and operating system. Our in-house technical team are at the top of their game within the industry, ensuring that Raven remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Whilst Raven continues to deliver and expand geographically across major events, Raven maintains a focus on arenas and venues. Raven continues to work with the industry to gain deep insights into the needs and requirements, and with our in-house team of engineers and technical experts Raven can react quickly and in an agile manner to address those needs swiftly and continue to enhance our innovative technology solution.

With Raven you can make better decisions, be better informed in real time. Manage the right information to the right people at the right time and respond to incidents with greater efficiency than ever before.

More information is here.

Mind Over Matter (MOM) is a provider of dynamic high performance programmes, creative courses, alternative away days, cutting edge consultancy and tailored research. MOM are specialists in creating, developing and delivering tailored experiences, courses, and consultancy that address the client’s business needs and connects them to their employees, partners and customers. Experts in the fields of event safety, risk management, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, counter-terrorism, leadership & management. MOM’s innovative, creative and professional approach facilitates extensive personal development motivating and animating both internal and external customers supported by their extensive and valued knowledge.